Ist Google für Sie profitabel und somit skalierbar?

Neulich fragte mich ein Unternehmer (zuvor anderweitig erfolgreich) ob ich mich mit Ihm und seinem Partner treffen kann, zwecks Google AdWords. Hier zuvor die Email, um zu klären ob sich so ein Termin sich für mich lohnt.

“You might not like my words, I am not very diplomatic – find out FAST if you have a viable business here, of if you are just burning money. With that blog so inactive you will not even get more than 2 or 3 Tweets more from XXXX (habe diese Quelle entfernt) with another 40.000 visits. Make it 20 Tweets ever – if you are lucky. That is not a viable business model and not scaleable.   …   If need 100 new clients a month at a cost of 100 EUR per client (just a pretty solid guess) that would be 10.000 EUR in AdWords costs a month + agency costs (that is the real leverage).

Then you and your partner want a profit. I see from your blog post that you have been at this for over half a year. Find out if you are able to advertise profitably within 6 – 8 weeks. That is a lot cheaper than going on like this for another 6 – 12 months. With this kind of business you are dependent on paid advertising. Hope is not a business model.  I think you will be more in the region of 150 EUR per new client. But that is also a guess.

Plus add that Google is not too fond of information marketing.    …..   They tend to keep the click prices so high, that profitable advertising is not possible, if the landing page experience is rated too low. Google has paid many fines. Over a billion over the years. That is why they are so strict. Keep all claims on the web page rock solid.  Then there shouldn’t be any problems with AdWords regarding this aspect.   

Either you need to go negative on advertising to get clients. Not good. It’s probably going to be that way. Find out how long a client stays on average (life time value) – depending on traffic source. That is your basis to make a profit and pay for the advertising.

 Please take this advice serious.  I know it is free advice, and free advice is normally very irritating or at best gets acknowledged. Any business or product is only as good as the marketing behind it. And that implies it must be possible to advertise profitably.

Because only then the business is scaleable. Find out FAST if your market allows you to have a profitable business. …”

  • Für mich ist so eine Antwort ein Filter und für den Unternehmer auch.
  • Haben Sie auch solche Filter um raus zu finden ob ein Unternehmen zu Ihnen passt? Und dass ein Kundenunternehmen realistische Erwartungen hat (ganz wichtig bei Dienstleistungen), und Sie in der Lage sind diese auch zu erfüllen und möglichst zu übertreffen?

Markus Trauernicht