Wenn Social Media wirklich kraftvoll ist…

780 Aufrufe in 2 Tagen, dann innerhalb 5 Stunden auf 197580 Aufrufe.

Hier zeigt sich die Kraft von Social Media. Allerdings klappt das so fast immer nur wenn kein kommerzielles Interesse eines Unternehmens beinhaltet ist. Denken Sie dran, Social Media Traffic bringt in der Regel eine sehr niedrige Kaufbereitschaft mit sich.
Veröffentlicht am 02.06.2014: MTB ride on Saturday 31st May 2014 from Ongegund, last few km’s before end of session. Armed gunman and 2 others stopped myself and took cellphone, car keys, oakleys and bike.
Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GOPRO was and this is the evidence that will assist in their procecution!

Vorfall nahe Kapstadt:

“Thanks to this footage and superb work by the police, the good news is that all three suspects have been arrested, and Malcolm has received his cell and bike back already! We commend him for remaining calm throughout the encounter. We urge you to remain vigilant at all times on your rides. Be careful out there!” Biking Magazine South Africa


Markus Trauernicht